Shuyo-dan Hoseikai

Shuyo-dan Hoseikai

  1. We strive to always maintain a good state of mind and aim for a better way of life as a human.
  2. Through this, we aspire to realize a happy and peaceful life.
  3. Our ultimate goal is to bring peace and happiness to people around the world.
  4. We follow the way of life and the teachings of Seitaro Idei, the founder of Shuyo-dan Hoseikai, to guide us in our daily lives.
  5. Members are encouraged to attend various meetings to expand their minds and develop their character.
  6. Anyone can become a member of Shuyo-dan Hoseikai regardless of race, nationality or religious beliefs.

Teachings of Seitaro Idei

  1. Natural phenomena, social shifts and personal events of life ― all of them are in accordance with a solemn order. This order ranges over the past, present and future. Furthermore, the order extends across the world beyond human perception.
  2. Sowing pumpkin seeds makes pumpkins and sowing tomato seeds makes tomatoes. Your behavior brings the result in commensuration to itself. But you must wait until the result comes out.
  3. Respect and love the soul that eternally exists from the past to the future. Respect and love everything that is living. Respect and love everyone. Respect and love all things. Respect and love all events in your life.
  4. Don’t stick to the correctness decided on your own. It is natural for cedar trees to grow linearly upright, yet also natural for pine trees to bend as they grow.
  5. No one encounters difficulties that he cannot overcome. Even when all directions are blocked, the sky remains open. Consider difficulties as opportunities to improve yourself and tackle them with joy and gratitude.
  6. Always be warm-hearted and considerate of other people’s feelings. Try to take other people’s sayings and doings in a favorable sense, and don’t be rash in casting blame. Don’t harbor resentment or prejudice against other people’s sayings and doings, but instead use them to recognize your own flaws.
  7. Refrain from self-centered behavior. Be kind and helpful to others. Through the accumulation of such behavior your personality is improved. As a result you will naturally come upon the person or the thing you need, when you need them.

Life of Seitaro Idei

  1. Seitaro Idei, the founder of Shuyo-dan Hoseikai, was born on December 3, 1899, as the third son of a farmer in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. When he was 15 years old, he went to Tokyo and experienced a variety of jobs such as shoe polishing and newspaper delivery. He was drafted into the military afterwards and posted to Utsunomiya in Tochigi. After his discharge he returned to Tokyo.
  2. He experienced the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 at the age of 23. The tragedy he witnessed in the disaster affirmed his aspiration to aid humanity and create a peaceful world. Over the next few years he went on a journey of training, going back and forth between Tokyo and Kyoto. All the while, he accumulated religious experiences, such as visiting various religious leaders, sleeping rough and meditating in the mountains, where he received divine revelations several times.
  3. After that he lived in Tokyo. He devoted himself to others both materially and spiritually, saving troubled people, giving what he had to the poor and preaching the way to live a life. On the other hand, he was opposed to war and made public remarks to warn against political intervention by the military. This led to several incarcerations between 1928-1938. In 1929 he married Kikuno.
  4. In 1941, he founded Shuyo-dan Hoseikai.From 1941 on (and especially after the end of World WarⅡin 1945) its membership grew rapidly, and many branches of Shuyo-dan Hoseikai were established throughout the country. He continued tirelessly in missionary work around Japan and strived to build the foundation for a peaceful world, giving relief and guidance to everyone he met.
  5. Later he erected around 30 monuments dedicated to prayers for peace. In addition to those in Japan, several are located in the United States, China, Germany, Australia, and Brazil. He also traveled around the world, and in 1972 had an audience with Pope Paul VI.
  6. Late in life he put forth a movement to create a peaceful world based on respecting and loving all humanity, all things and all events. And in 1977 he constructed a sacred place of worship (called Yukyu-Sekai-Heiwakyo) in the mountains of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, which became the base for his movement.
  7. He passed away at the age of 83 on August 23, 1983. Until one week before his death he continued to enlighten people at his various branches, and even the day before his passing he still preached his teachings at his headquarters.He devoted his whole life to bringing salvation to his followers and bringing peace to the world.